Engaged! – Time for an E-Session!


It Made Me Cry!

I just finished watching an episode of “My Cat From Hell!”, an Animal Planet reality show about misguided cats and their owners and about how Jackson Galaxy saves the day with his wisdom. Since I love cats I really enjoy the show and am constantly amazed at how Jackson finds a solution!

The episode I watched today involved a couple who wanted to move their relationship forward, but blending their cat-families was posing some major problems. Stella had one cat, who seemed to be in a major conflict with Jim, and Jim had two cats, who seemed to be in a major conflict with Stella’s cat! And the two cat owners? Oh my goodness, they  were fighting each other like cats and dogs! …or…errr….two cats with their tails tied together blaming each other for all kinds of woes! What a mess!

Jackson swooped in and saved the day by teaching everybody how to get along. And then…the part that made me cry.PINIMAGE

With the cats all happy and cozy in the new apartment, Jim told Stella how happy he was and how anxious he was to move along in their relationship. He told her how much she meant to him, and as he began to kneel he reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out the box holding an engagement ring! I just got all choked up! After he “popped the question” Stella lept off of the sofa into Jim’s arms and purred her answer. (Okay, I admit, that was a little sappy…but I couldn’t resist!)

Even Jackson Galaxy was wiping the tears.

Is it just me, or do others get a little lump in the throat and a little mist in the eyes when beautiful love is expressed?

Come on…fess up…you do it as well.

What is it about two people getting engaged that creates that reaction in me? (I did read a scientific article about how television and movies effect our emotions…but I won’t spoil the moment by quoting all of that.)

This is what I think. I think the profession of love is simply a very beautiful thing, and when two people decide that they love each other and are willing to commit to each other until the end of time, it says a lot.

It says you understand me! You GET me!

It says you appreciate me…all of me…my good traits and my quirkiness all wrapped up in one!

It says that of all the billions of people on the earth you found me and discovered all kinds of things inside my heart that you connect with in a way that no other person has, and I connect with you!

My wife and I still laugh, okay, it is more of an embarrassed giggle, about how our expression of love came out one day.

It was a Sunday afternoon and we were at her house ready to have a little lunch. At that time I was simply crazy about Estee Lauder Cinnabar perfume. At the time I just thought it was so expensive, and the idea of purchasing a bottle was a major decision.

But I was dead set on Pam having a bottle of Cinnabar, and so I dug deep into my pockets and purchased a bottle.

She had worn it to church that morning and refreshed her scent that afternoon.

What happened next, neither of us can explain.

PINIMAGEI dropped down on all fours and starte howling like a dog! I then began to chase her, growling and barking, and she raised her hands and let out cute little fake screams as if she were running from a fierce German Shepherd.

Once I caught her we rolled together on the floor and kissed, passionately. Whew! My heart is beating faster just thinking about the mix of scents, emotions, expressions, laughter, and love.

And that’s why we cry. That’s why we get all choked up when we see others get engaged. It reminds us of the time when our love was fresh, or it fills us with hope for ourselves as we look for love.

When couples join me for an engagement shoot, I am looking for precisely the reason they love each other. Admittedly, the sessions always seem to start out a little stiff. But with a little bit of persuasion, the playfulness comes out, and the connection the couple feel between each other radiates from their faces and is demonstrated through their body language.

Such refreshing moments.

They get me every time!