Beauty, Love, Romance

slider1PINIMAGEOften I am asked what we focus on at Kelly Lyle Photography.Well, the truth is pretty simple. We focus on capturing beauty, love, and romance…with a dose of fun thrown in!

And the couples who hire us are looking for the same thing!

Defining my work started at a conference on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Kevin Kubota, a master photographer and voted one of the top ten in America, held a week long class at Image Explorations, a fabulous photography school as part of the Professional Photographer’s of America education program.

At the conference we were asked to lay our images out on a table and allow the other members of the class to walk by them and write down the three words that came to the mind when viewing the images.

The images were anonymously placed and each set of images given a number. The student in the class would write the words that came to mind next to the number of the image.

The words were tallied and the next day and Claire Kubota gave each one of us a list of words the class felt best represented our work.

The three words that rose to the top of the analysis of my work? Beauty, love, and romance.

I rather liked those words and they have become the theme of my photography ever since.