Britney and John Tyrell – June 14, 2014

What a beautiful day Britney and John had for their wedding. Our adventure with Britney and John began with their engagement session in Chicago and culminated at the Chateau in Normal, Illinois as we celebrated their decision to make each other their one and only. Britney and her friends began their day at Beauty Brands for makeup and then off to the room at the Chateau for hair. Soon all were dressed and the trip to Holy Trinity came faster than anyone could imagine. Suddenly, Britney was being walked down the aisle by her brother. Attached to her shoes were tiny charms in honor of her father, who had passed away when Britney was young. It was so evident that Dad’s spirit was living in each and every one of the surviving family members. Having the charms on her shoes allowed Britney to be walked down the aisle by the daddy she loves. We were all in tears! Since John is a farmer, Britney wanted to surprise him with pictures at the Grain Bins near Funk’s Grove…so off we headed for our country adventure. Before long we were back at the Chateau to celebrate, with a delicious meal and love abounding from every table. Truly it was an awesome day, and I am so grateful that Britney and John blessed me by allowing me to be a part of it.

I wanted to create a slideshow capturing the emotion of the day. I chose this song because it talks about the importance of helping each other through tough times and giving each other love to help us endure.