Feeling Like Home – Thanks to Sarah

Welcome to Kelly Lyle Photography’s Blog!


For so many years I have thought, and pondered, and thought some more about having a photography blog.

Every book I have read on photography and business (trust me, there have been a lot of them), every article read, every conference attended said the same thing: Get your blog on!Kelly Lyle Photography image Allerton ParkPINIMAGE

I searched, and looked, and pondered, and tested template after template, program after program trying to find my way.

Frustrating, to say the least.

Sarah, my beautiful daughter, too, wanted to create her photography blog. So I saddled up beside her and pushed on. We had both tried and failed in the past, just to get the thing going, and quite frankly, I was just tired of failing. But knowing I needed to get the photography blog going, and knowing that Sarah would need help and encouragement along the way, I pushed myself.

If anybody is reading this you might wonder, “What’s the big deal? Just do it!”

Well, for some, that may as easy as playing cars in the sand, but for others, it is more like building a sand castle. Complete with turrets and a drawbridge.

I am of the latter camp. I once told a friend, “I think my ideas are like a Paris fashion designer, but somehow I always seem to end up in the Sears and Roebuck catalog.” Big ideas take time, take talent, take ambition, take vision, take follow through, take skill. And does there ever really seem to be enough time?

But, thanks to Sarah, I took the time and pushed forward.

Learning the program, testing templates, figuring out customizations, figuring out what pictures needed to be used, mastheads, and bio widgets, and fonts and colors….oi! The biggest obstacle? Feeling like I needed to be perfect. Feeling like I couldn’t let people see that I was a work in progress…but guess what? I AM a work in progress, and what is so wrong of being perfectly human and letting others SEE that I am a work in progress. My personality is a work in progress, my life is a work in progress, my teaching is a work in progress, my relationship with God is a work in progress, my relationship with my family is a work in progress. Heck! If I don’t admit that everything about me is a work in progress I will be paralyzed by the idea that everything has to be perfect before I move on!

And pushing through has been a wonderful experience. A bonding experience for Sarah and me.

It is kind of hysterical when you think about it. Sarah and I are working at The Wedding Gallery together. (My office is called The Wedding Gallery. I share the space with Simple Elegance Event Planning and Wedding Design and Weddings by Star Talent Events.) Today was BLOG day. We  began our work yesterday after we had finished meetings with clients and photo editing for the day, but decided today would be focused on us, our work, our blogs.

For most of the day you could have heard a pin drop. We both have a touch of Adult ADD, well, maybe more than a touch, but when we are captivated we can hyperfocus like no other! And hyperfocused we were! Painstakingly we began learning the ropes of creating a blog. And we didn’t even yell at each other!

I came home and took a break, after eight straight hours of working on the blog site, staring at the computer, investigating widgets and images and formats and templates…and relaxed a little.

I took a look at what I had created today and I felt good. It felt like home.

And I thought to myself, “Isn’t that what real homes are made of? You come together, you buckled down, you hang on with a white knuckled grip, and you just do the work?” You decorate, you move the furniture, you hang the pictures, and you make it comfortable. Building a home means you express yourself, and you aren’t afraid to express yourself. Kind of like when you have your first room and you get to paint it whatever color you want. And you hang the posters of your favorite celebrities and play your own music…and you just feel so darned comfortable because behind that door surrounded by all the things that make you you you don’t worry about what others are thinking, or saying, or believing…you just get to be yourself.

And that’s how I am kind of feeling about my blog. After taking a break I came back and looked at it. I like the color I painted my room. I like the posters I hung up on my wall. And if I could figure out how to make this blog play music, I’d like the music I was playing.

Most of all, I want the freedom to feel like I am me! Not trying to impress others, but just being me. Why? Because I LOVE taking pictures, and I love to write, and I love to think…and quite frankly…I just Love to Love! It makes me feel really good inside.

So hopefully if you read this, you’ll feel comfortable too, and maybe you’ll feel a little love as well!

So, thanks to Sarah, I started to build.