Inspired Poems

PINIMAGEI really am a hopeless romantic.

And I cry at commercials. You know, the ones specifically designed to tug at your heart strings, that tell a story. If it involves relationships, reunions, soldiers coming home…anything overly sentimental…I usually get choked up.

So it is with weddings.

I admit. The idea of two people coming together…coming together because they chose each other…a union of two lives…

I get a little misty eyed.

And the weddings I photograph often inspire me to think romantic ideas.

Usually a phrase comes to mind.

For Josh and Mercedes, as I spent the day with them, I just kept hearing in my head, “You were always in my dreams.”

For Tanya and Bobby, playing on the lovely sands of Jamaica, I heard, “Take my hand.”

For Ben and Nora, watching them interact all day, seeing the love they have for each other in smiles exchanged, I heard, “I will love you for a million years, and a million years more.”

For Katherine and Greg, this one is soooo easy after spending the day with them, “You’re my family.”

And I started thinking.

Not only do I love taking photographs and looking for art on the wedding day, I also love telling stories.

So why not do both?

Why not create small stories my brides and grooms inspire and combine them with some images.

So it is now my creative passion. To listen to the voice in my head as I photograph a wedding and to embrace the words that come to mind, and to try and write a story about the love I see.

It can be a very awkward journey, I am sure.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

So I am going to give it a whirl and see how far I get.

Hopefully you too will be inspired to get a little misty eyed as well.